Online shopping and COVID

Online shopping and COVID

Is online shopping safe during COVID-19?

Is it just us or does everyone have multiple tabs open in their browsers? Multiple shopping carts and shopping bags full of items you fell in love with but didn’t complete the transaction. With this worldwide pandemic looming over us all, shopping has changed drastically.

Although online shopping has been a part of our lives for many years, the average person still opted to take a trip to their favorite retail stores or get out to the mall to do their shopping. Now, many of us do not have the opportunity or even the choice to do our shopping in person. When consumers stop shopping at all, this means hardship for small businesses. Therefore, online shopping is currently the “new norm”. It gives “window shopping” a whole new meaning. Shopping online, especially with small businesses is a great way to support hard-working Canadians. 

The real question here is “Should we still be shopping. Is it safe?” In short, Yes! Although we should always be cautious, shopping for clothing online is relatively safe. Harvard Health says that the COVID-19 virus is more likely to live on hard surfaces than on soft surfaces like clothing items. 

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, family and emergency suggests that polyester, spandex, and other similar materials may retain germs longer than cotton-based fabrics which are more breathable. Further to that, it has been found that smooth fabrics such as leather, wool, and Prada can be more easily cleaned. We are happy to inform you that we only use high-quality fabrics for our products and the majority of our pieces are made from a cotton blend. 

More good news to keep in mind is that when you shop for clothing online you are at an even lower risk of infection in that most packages, like ours at Dana Fashion come with dual packaging. Even if the outer packaging was to come in contact with an infected person, the chances of the infection lasting on the packaging for the duration of the shipping process is very low. If you are still concerned or your package arrived in a very short period (1-3 days) you may want to give it an extra wash. Further, remember to dispose of packaging quickly and safely. 

Once you have decided to make a purchase you may want to reach out to the brand, company, or individual to ask them what measures they are taking to keep their employees and customers safe. To find out what we are doing to keep our employees and customers safe, please visit our blog post: “What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe”.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our customers. Work hard to bring you all the beautiful pieces you know and love right to your door while continuing to keep you safe. 

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