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Welcome to our website! My name is Dana, I am the founder of Dana Fashion. I moved to Canada in 2013 at the young age of 18. I am extremely passionate about finding the balance in dressing modest and elegant at the same time, but always found it was nearly impossible to find pieces that suited my taste.

In the past I would purchase from Canadian brands but constantly had to add my own layers in order to suit my modest taste. As you can assume this process is irritating and uncomfortable, especially during the warm summer months. I failed more than I succeeded in finding my right size and the perfect quality. This often led me to return the item, which can cost more than the item itself.

We truly believe there are many women finding the same struggles as I did while shopping for elegant and trendy modest clothing, this is where the vision for Dana Fashion was formed.

In 2017 my husband and I created Dana Fashion. Starting with only 30 items we have grown to offer over 80 styles that suit every woman's body type.

We strive to offer trendy and comfortable modest womens clothing at an affordable price without compromising high-quality fabrics. We want every article of clothing we sell to reflect both the internal and external beauty of each and every woman.
My husband and I have and will continue to work hard to close the gap between trendy and modest clothing.

Thank you for choosing Dana Fashion.
Dana ♡