Modest Back to School Outfits

Modest Back to School Outfits

Finding the perfect balance in dressing comfortable and trendy but remaining modest can be a challenge for many students. Although back to school can be a stressful time for us, we've made it easy for you to return to class this season in style, whether working from home or strolling on campus Dana Fashion has got you covered. 

Casual Tops

We understand how long and tiring online or in person classes can be, which is why having a comfortable casual outfit is soooo important! Pieces like hoodies, two piece athleisure sets, and flowy tops are perfect for everyday school outfits. Hoodies like the Eliza, Mahnoor, Nadira, and Lina are ideal for laid-back days, where tops like Selena, Faima, and Bisma give a more elevated look. If you are looking to wear a hijab with these outfits we recommend our Jersey Hijabs paired with sweatpants, jeans, or leggings to finish off your casual look at school, and don’t forget a cute pair of sneakers!

Occasion Tops

An outfit can make you feel confident and ready for anything the day throws at you, which is why having a good look for school presentations and on campus interviews are key. Formal tops give your school outfits a professional feel. Wear tops like Lamis, Sumbul, Nabila, and Madiha during your important school days. Pair these tops with our Maybella bottoms or Veronica skirt and some walking heels. 

Pant and Skirt Sets

If you are meeting your friends for a lunch break you’ll want a cute and casual outfit, our favourite picks are the Bella Pant Set and the Aini Skirt Set. Pair these outfits with sneakers, flats, or boots to complete the outfit. If you are looking to wear a hijab with these outfits we recommend the Mosaic Butti Chiffon hijab to tie the whole look together. 

We want to see the looks you create in our pieces! Tag us in your photos and stories so we never miss a look.

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