Abayas come in different varieties and Dana Fashion sells multiple styles across Canada. With premium quality and affordable prices, Dana Fashion offers Open Abayas, Athleisure Abayas, standard Abayas, and Topcoat & Jilbab Canada-wide. There are several beautifully designed Abayas available for your everyday.


Open Abayas has an opening from the front that allows for more comfortable and customizable wear. Many like to match it with a nice outfit underneath providing some fashionable customizability and that extra layer of clothing for those lower temperatures in Canada.

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Athleisure Abayas are becoming very popular in Canada! This style of Abaya displays a more modern take on Abayas by incorporating sportswear. It can be used for a casual outing by balancing modest and sports comfort clothing styles. Dana Fashion's Athleisure Abayas can be your next casual outfit!

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Topcoat & Jilbab

Dana Fashion offers unique topcoats for those extra cold days in Canada. Stay fashionable and modest with these fantastic topcoats. It's a great addition to your open Abaya, for when you're going outside during those cold days. Dana Fashion offers a variety of styles, check them out!

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